Caroline Winter recently wrote . When it hit my feed I was shocked that it didn”t include SealsWithClubs, by most metrics the 2nd most popular bitcoin gambling site behind SatoshiDice. I”m horribly biased as the Chairman site pro and affiliate manager for the site, but taking a look at the facts I don”t see how Caroline Winter could have overlooked SealsWithClubs:

1) A Would have certainly yielded us first, as we are the clear market leader in bitcoin online poker

2) The shows us having steadily grown the site since they started tracking us a few months ago. A real-time screen grab of the Pokerscout home page right now at 12:54am 1/5/2013 currently shows this data:

3) The SealsWithClubs with over 45k views shows the poker community embracing our pure bitcoin site and reporting the fast cashouts our old school users have been enjoying for over a year.

4) Our 40 page thread further proves our 1.5 year history of impeccable integrity, fast cashouts, extremely low rake, and attentive customer service.

The real story here is that SealsWithClubs has brought back true world-wide online poker using bitcoin. The current player base makes the site feel more like a poker club than a cut-throat poker site. I would love to tell Caroline Winter or any other journalist about the amazing wins we have been able to create by applying the bitcoin technology to online poker.

-Bryan Micon
Chairman Site Pro & Affiliate Manager
skype: bmicon