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2709, 2014

I Just Had Soylent For Breakfast

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And I tweeted about it and made a blog post. Like a motherfucking powdered-food eating futurist boss. Everyone wants to know about the the taste & consistency, then see some pix. So I’ll just blast. The taste I can best describe as light pancake batter with a hint of vanilla. The texture is as if you had a smoothie made with chaulk. It kind of tastes like a Carnation instant breakfast that you didn’t mix too well, or ground up a bunch of chaulk and tossed that in after. It’s really not that bad, not that good, just kind of “meh I’ll drink this shit so I don’t die” sort of flavor. It really fits the product IMO. I had the shit for breakfast, maybe 9am PST and it’s now 2pm PST and I feel like it’s almost time for lunch. I was fairly full after drinking my breakfast, and felt like a normal human when I took my little lady to the park. Going to have one of these on Sunday’s during my poker-DFS frenzy, when I’d prefer not to be bothered with feeding myself, and maybe occasionally late at night when I also don’t want to be bothered with food preparation. Not going “100% Soylent” because that sounds retarded, and I don’t know why if I buy 21 servings worth of it anyone would think I’m going to stop eating. It’s not a cult like Choice Center, it’s just some science to eat. Well, maybe a bit cult-ish, I did feed one to my wife, she claimed the flavor was “vanilla” and said she felt full a few minutes after taking one down. Then I fed a little to the baby, and she didn’t really dig it. 2/3 isn’t that bad, and 2/2 adults.

2409, 2014

Cody Drummond from [The App That Renders Police Obsolete] /sensationalism

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Was cool to have on Cody, and the Peacekeeper app really got me thinking:

In a nutshell, what if all of your neighbors had the same app on their phone (this could eventually become a protocol IMO) and when there was a fire you hit the “fire!” button and all your neighbors rush to your aid? Also, there is a medical button. And an “intruder” button. Decentralized emergency response. Cool idea, cool guy. Also some pretty cool 19 yr old kid whose name escapes me talks to me for a half hour or so about life and working and shit. Take a listen below!

2209, 2014

Charlo Greene Quits Anchorman For Marijuana Activism In Style

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The brilliantly strong reporter goes by the name of Charlo Greene. (‏@Charlo_Greene on the tweeter machine) And says her real name during the video but IMO not important. What is important is her razor-sharp response to the ill-conceived notion of a “war on drugs.” She even demonstrates how a reporter speaking in “reporter voice” aids the fear-mongering. Trying to get her on DonkDown radio, but what “Charlo” left us is more than enough. Cheering hard for this one.

1909, 2014

“What Micon Is Firing On”

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Of course I’m about to drop a grip of affiliate links. You know your boy is on that digi-grind for crypto. But, unlike most assholes out there on the internet, I only drop links to places I play myself. So let’s run down what’s what on 9/19/2014. First off I’m most interested in Gambit right now. Bitcoin OFC, Yatzy, Backgammon, Bitnopoly, and other board game favorites for bitcoin. Pretty fucking cool IMO, and the OFC variant has some donks firing at all bankroll levels. Second off Nitrogen sports made big bitcoin gambling news when they dropped poker yesterday. While you may be thinking “Don’t Tell ‘em about Nitrogen Micon! SealsWithClubs 4 Lyfe & YOLO, IMO!” That’s not how I roll. I call ‘em like I see ‘em, and I fire sports at Nitrogen sometimes and recently tested their poker product. I don’t like the pre-flop rake, and the software isn’t a slick as the SwC clients, but in a very “bitcoin Bodog” kind of way I imagine there will occasionally be a big sports donk firing off in poker over there from time to time. As a player I’m going to keep watch. I trust Nitrogen, and there aren’t many other bitcoin gambling sites I can say that about, so credit where credit is due. Also, because it’s the weekend, I’m obviously firing big on DraftKings and maybe a few lineups on FanDuel as well.

1709, 2014

Weev Came On DonkDown Radio | Andrew Auernheimer Announces He Left USA For Lebanon

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Big thanks to Weev for coming on the show. @rabite on twitter (slave name Andrew Auernheimer) came on DonkDown radio from Beirut, Lebanon to announce he has left the United States. This comes after his appeal period expired for the bullshit AT&T charges he beat. He also ranted about Jews & Niggers for about 45 straight minutes, and I wouldn’t expect any less of Weev. Yes, it’s shocking! It’s also a brilliant example of freedom of speech. He may be trolling you. He may not be. But he should be allowed to say it, that’s for damn sure. And I’ll broadcast Weev’s message loud – because he may sound crazy – but baked in that crazy is a grip of logic. May not be the same line you take, may not be the same line I take, but it does get me thinking.Wired said your online freedom depended on him – and they don’t overstate shit. So buckle up and take a listen. Then turn the shit off when Allen Kessler comes on. And YOLO, get your shit together son. Shout to MikeT for another platinum hit.

Hail Victory:

1609, 2014

Tomorrow on DonkDown Radio: Very Special Guest “Weev” aka Andrew Auernheimer

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If you haven’t heard about Weev, you will within a few week of “The Hacker Wars” being released. Maybe you need to see his brilliant HuffPo before going to jail for not-hacking AT&T. Or Maybe you need to see his brilliant HuffPo after his bullshit conviction was overturned. Did you hear that Wired said your online freedom depended on his trial. Ok, Wired has become a bit sensationalist in recent years. Cnet reports that Weev billed the US Government for ~$13M USD in bitcoin. Weev is president of the GNAA. He founded Goatse Security. He’s fucking awesome, and he’ll be on the show tomorrow. Opening with This YTCracker-Ishe:

1509, 2014

Just Going To Leave This Here Until They Take It Down

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Kill All the Jews – The Gaza Girls Debut Single SPOOF from Gaza Girls on Vimeo.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s the ‘ole double-reverse.

1509, 2014

Some Nerdy Bitcoin Shit: BitSmart Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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Yup, you are going to have to be into bitcoin like a boss to get all of this:

And if you don’t, sorry, this post is not for you. Just scroll down, hit one of the DFS affiliate links, and be on your way. But, if you are a bitcoin nerd (my audience has a wide range) then buckle up, because I can’t stop thinking about this. So the crazy inventor guy, @rdbell on the tweeter, the “lone nut” if you will, deserves some first followers. For those that haven’t been following the secure bitcoin hardware wallet space, Trezor is the first entry of any significance. I trust the developers (very early bitcoin fanatics) and believe this type of technology furthers bitcoin adoption – most bitcoin barons I speak to are very concerned with security of their private keys. Many ways exist to securely store a string of characters, and you will often trade convenience for safety. Ok so the above video displays a proof of concept, not a product ready to ship. IMO you could take this in a few different directions. First, what if you could plug a Trezor into this thing that would be 1x Pi, 1x camera, and 1x screen, all in some cool small form factor? IMO making a Trezor spendable would be tits+. I can tell @rdbell is concerned with having one dedicated device do all the signing, so why not use a Trezor? I understand the desire to keep a dedicated device for signing – to create an airgap between the evil internets and your precious private keys – but IMO the 2x Pi concept is a little goofy. IMO make a 1x Pi device that could optionally work with the Trezor. Many users will want a trusted hardware bitcoin wallet, but won’t be so nitty as to need a separate device for signing. Do whatever the Trezor does to keep keys safe, then add a screen and camera to it. If the project that is Bitcoin continues to grow, there will be a large demand for a secure, small, sexy-looking, spendable hardware bitcoin wallet. I can’t stop thinking about it.

1309, 2014

$70M More Flows Into FanDuel. DFS Is Getting Bananas!

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Daily Fantasy Sports. DFS. It’s been taking up a lot of my office time. I can’t help but apply data analysis to a game with huge variance that has a recently legalized exploding gambling market. FanDuel just took $70M in Series D funding to the face, following in the footsteps of the $70M+ funded DraftKings. (That $41M headshot round of funding you heard about was AFTER the first $30M went in. Holy shit, maybe Andrew Wiggins was right to sell DraftDay and start firing huge as a player on DK & FD)

1209, 2014

“Congress shall make no law abridging the right to hump a statue of Jesus.”

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Says this MotherJones article and this now-famous pic of a 14 yr old kid “simulating felatio” with a statue of the jesus.


oh, and the state of Pennsylvania may put him in juvie for 2 years. For pretending to face-fuck a jesus statue. ‘Murica.