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2511, 2014

Images of Bitcoin Eating Western Union That Western Union Doesn’t Want You To See

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In a very Orwellian move, these images are now auto-deleted from Facebook upon upload. Go ahead, try it.

2511, 2014

#FergusonLootCrew Update & Help Viewing Ferguson Live Streams

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Basically, it’s all twitter right now.

Follow these accounts for Ferguson live stream links & general non-mainstream media coverage and information:

deray mckesson

1911, 2014

DonkDown Radio | Jordan Cristos | Kessler | Gank | Moar

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Another fun-filled adventure through the mind of Micon as a myriad of guests join the show for ideological discussions about #OpKKK #OpFerguson bitcoin and poker things. This podcast is made in America, by Americans. Accept no substitute for DonkDown Radio. Play DFS at Draftkings. I do.

1711, 2014

Yeah It’s Old, But I’m Still Leanin’ To It

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Could be the most appropriate use of Riff-Raff ever.

1511, 2014


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I want one, I want to play one, I want to design one.

1211, 2014

Everyone Comes On DonkDown Radio!

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Stealthmunk calls in to digest the Mark Newhouse double-9th WSOP bustout hand, then all hell breaks loose as famous scammers and degens from SwC past and present call in and once again paint the picture of why you need to play very tight when it comes to internet security and sending random humans money over the internet for various promises. Daniel Coleman said it was a dark game. Play it safe IMO. Unless you are Tennis. Then don’t play any gambling ever, and seek help.

511, 2014

Burnturn Brandon on DD Radio

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Be prepared for the first 9 minutes of the ~1hr convo to be just me with Brandon’s responses dead air. Luckily, this problem is resolved ~9 minutes into that interview. Always professional, always courteous, DonkDown radio’s dedicated mac shit the bed with the always popular “spinning rainbow” so the show was abruptly ended in chaotic fashion. And Dave23 still needs to quit his bullshit soul-sucking job.

411, 2014

ytcracker drops epic “Introducing Neals”

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3110, 2014

Brilliant Mark Newhouse Bio

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Holy shit please win the main event Newhouse!

2910, 2014

Ali Havens on DonkDown Radio

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I received word from the internet that there was a cute libertarian female named Ali Havens that recently moved from religious Alabama to Libertarian haven New Hampshire to support the Free State Project, so I had her on. A former Christian on somewhat of a freedom quest, we talked about religion and politics and bitcoins and whatnots.