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2410, 2014

Spose | Pop Song

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Posting this, and his O.G. Banger “I’m Awesome”

because someone jacked Spose’s shit recently. The feel-good ending is that his fans shipped him $17k to replace the equipment.

2210, 2014

Tone On DonkDown Radio

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Tone came on the show. Interesting convo IMO, mostly bitcoin, also trading, Bear Sterns, Fiat trashing, and moar. I compare DPB to ISIS, and he has no defense, as he would stone the hot lesbians in the scene I set for him. I’m going to add in the word “Fappening” to this post, purely for SEO purposes, nothing about that was actually discussed on the show, and I wanted this story just a bit longer to fill the page properly. There, that’s about enough. I don’t have a boss.

2110, 2014

I know I’m Late on it, but LOLOLOLz @ Dr. Dre Selling Beats for $3.2B

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Lol, this is simply outstanding:

1810, 2014

Damnit This Was Just So Fucking Good

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Shout to “ZhouTonged”

1710, 2014

“Adam Ruins Everything” Pure Brilliance

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1510, 2014

BraveTheWorld Julia Special Guest on DonkDown Radio

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DonkDown radio will find you if you are a beautiful female anarchist-libertarian type. @BraveTheWorld on twitter, Julia came on the show tonight to tell us a bit about her views and travels. We of course touched on bankroll management and I remind my flock never to become a professional poker player. Standard bitcoin discussion ensues, and the Hacker Wars premiers soon in NYC.

1510, 2014

Barrett Brown is Side-Splittingly Funny From Jail

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I don’t know if I could keep up such brilliant wit if locked in a cage for so long. Be sure to burn up all of Barrett Brown’s correspondence since he’s been locked up if you haven’t already. Don’t miss today’s banger, where Barrett once again combines the daily horrors of prison life with his characteristic razor-sharp wit. The result is a series of articles I am confident will one day find their place among the literary greats. Read them now & be cooler later.

Oh, and when you are done laughing, Read about why Barrett Brown is in prison and consider doing something to help him out.

1510, 2014

Introducing Neals | YTCracker Epic To Be Released 11/5

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YTCracker. Remember remember… he’s a sith on a bender. And releasing his epic on the fifth of November. Can you afford to miss this important nerd cultural item? No fucking way. It’s going to be too fucking epic. And I am good at calling this shit early. Take a sneak peak at the first track:

Also ‘bird all these sites:
Neals Facebook

1210, 2014

Lil Dicky does it again with “Lemme Freak”

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1110, 2014

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Schools The Canadian Senate

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~2 hours of win: