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15 09, 2014

Just Going To Leave This Here Until They Take It Down

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Kill All the Jews – The Gaza Girls Debut Single SPOOF from Gaza Girls on Vimeo.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s the ‘ole double-reverse.

15 09, 2014

Some Nerdy Bitcoin Shit: BitSmart Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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Yup, you are going to have to be into bitcoin like a boss to get all of this:

And if you don’t, sorry, this post is not for you. Just scroll down, hit one of the DFS affiliate links, and be on your way. But, if you are a bitcoin nerd (my audience has a wide range) then buckle up, because I can’t stop thinking about this. So the crazy inventor guy, @rdbell on the tweeter, the “lone nut” if you will, deserves some first followers. For those that haven’t been following the secure bitcoin hardware wallet space, Trezor is the first entry of any significance. I trust the developers (very early bitcoin fanatics) and believe this type of technology furthers bitcoin adoption – most bitcoin barons I speak to are very concerned with security of their private keys. Many ways exist to securely store a string of characters, and you will often trade convenience for safety. Ok so the above video displays a proof of concept, not a product ready to ship. IMO you could take this in a few different directions. First, what if you could plug a Trezor into this thing that would be 1x Pi, 1x camera, and 1x screen, all in some cool small form factor? IMO making a Trezor spendable would be tits+. I can tell @rdbell is concerned with having one dedicated device do all the signing, so why not use a Trezor? I understand the desire to keep a dedicated device for signing – to create an airgap between the evil internets and your precious private keys – but IMO the 2x Pi concept is a little goofy. IMO make a 1x Pi device that could optionally work with the Trezor. Many users will want a trusted hardware bitcoin wallet, but won’t be so nitty as to need a separate device for signing. Do whatever the Trezor does to keep keys safe, then add a screen and camera to it. If the project that is Bitcoin continues to grow, there will be a large demand for a secure, small, sexy-looking, spendable hardware bitcoin wallet. I can’t stop thinking about it.

13 09, 2014

$70M More Flows Into FanDuel. DFS Is Getting Bananas!

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Daily Fantasy Sports. DFS. It’s been taking up a lot of my office time. I can’t help but apply data analysis to a game with huge variance that has a recently legalized exploding gambling market. FanDuel just took $70M in Series D funding to the face, following in the footsteps of the $70M+ funded DraftKings. (That $41M headshot round of funding you heard about was AFTER the first $30M went in. Holy shit, maybe Andrew Wiggins was right to sell DraftDay and start firing huge as a player on DK & FD)

12 09, 2014

“Congress shall make no law abridging the right to hump a statue of Jesus.”

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Says this MotherJones article and this now-famous pic of a 14 yr old kid “simulating felatio” with a statue of the jesus.


oh, and the state of Pennsylvania may put him in juvie for 2 years. For pretending to face-fuck a jesus statue. ‘Murica.

12 09, 2014

Fuck I Forgot To Post This Yesterday

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10 09, 2014

Joby Weeks & Objectivist Girl | DonkDown Radio

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DonkDown radio was once again broadcast to the adoring public! Objectivist Girl came on and explained how they are hacking politics up in New Hampshire and trolling republicans. Also some no-touch polyamory. Want to have her back on to get into that more. In a rare double-dose of high quality guests, Joby Weeks was also on the show to discuss a wide range of topics from grid-freeing solar energy & something about ingesting all of the 8 essential sugars needed to live healthy and maybe cure some AIDS. With great claims comes great proof, so today’s show is sending me on a research frenzy. Enjoy!

10 09, 2014

“Don’t Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form”

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9 09, 2014

Take 2: New Looks Sick, Launches for Bitcoin

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The beauty of bitcoin is that it “gives a bunch of monkeys a bunch of typewriters” thus eventually one of them bangs out PvP old-school board games for crypto. Some of us have been anxiously awaiting Gambit to flip the switch on their new platform, which launched about a week ago but just now started taking and paying out bitcoin. Bravo so far, Gambit!

why not fire some btc vs. at PvP Yatzy or a version of OFC?

7 09, 2014

1 Hour Before DFS Starts, Here Is The #OverlayAlert

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Jump on DraftKings
Jump on FanDuel

6 09, 2014

Seriously, If You Are Not Firing DFS Today…

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…Then what are you doing?  This company just took a $41M funding round to the face.  You know the $5M+ guaranteed week 1 contests that are for whatever reason legal are populated by Americans that think they are sharp at NFL prediction.  That is likely an immensely irrational group.  Go gamble vs. them on sports you can do data analysis on.  IMO fire at Fanduel too.  They have 2x $1M GTD contests that settle week 1.

Let me show you the #OverlayAlert that I’ve been ‘birding:


And with ~14 hrs until kickoff you have already missed the 45k+ entrant Fanduel $25 buy-in, $1M GTD. Yes, both sites have maximums on their contests. No clue why, but they do. Get in early next week IMO, because the $ is going to dry up with so much of America blowing their loads on over $7M GTD just on week one, just between DK & FD. There were 3x $1M guarantee DFSaments this week. You can still fire on 2 of them until kickoff. This stuff seems very similar to 2005 poker, when it was just getting started and everyone was terrible but thought they were playin’ great. IMO hit my affiliate links, show the love, and start firing like a boss.