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6 02, 2015

Finally Lost a Phantom 2 Vision Plus :(

By |February 6th, 2015|stories|1 Comment

1) I have already acquired another. This time Phantom 2 Vision +, version 3. Gimbal control on left side of controller, upgraded motors, but basically the same thing.

2) Still offering $200 reward or BTC equivalent for the return of the device. I have posted the last known GPS info here, and note I did a reasonable search this morning. I’m more of an indoorsman though:


I’m definitely sad, I’ve lost this amount of money so many times in my life I know it’s not that, it’s the sheer stupidity & laziness of entering 150m instead of 300m into my awesome new hacked DJI app (tyvm ilovecoffee). The waypoint needed to be higher & I can’t stop kicking myself about it. Doesn’t matter that I’ve already replaced my super-fun toy. That’s not the point – the point is that I fucked up and I shouldn’t have. I should have respected the pre-flight research more instead of shooting off like a child. A solemn lesson I hope will teach me in the future to think deeper before sending a soldier on a long waypointed battle.

4 02, 2015

John Bush from On DonkDown Radio

By |February 4th, 2015|cold call show, radio, stories|0 Comments

A very informative convo topped off by a spoken-word version of “I Am Dread Pirate Roberts” which was dropped on & included above. John Bush was at “The Silk Road Trial” which recently found Ross Ulbricht guilty on all 7 counts, including the rare “kingpin” charge. Thanks very much to John for informing us about the trial, and pour one out for DPR. Voluntary trade involving mostly a plant that humans like to smoke because it makes them calm and creative. WTF humans?

29 01, 2015

“Droning Around Bellagio”

By |January 29th, 2015|stories|2 Comments

[click 1080p]

28 01, 2015

DonkDown Radio [Mooky Out Of Jail] + [Other Musings]

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We do what we do.

Well said. This show is simply the universe playing itself out. Think about that shit while you blaze and listen to this :)

28 01, 2015

“Droning Under Lake Las Vegas”

By |January 28th, 2015|stories|1 Comment

[make sure it’s 1080p]

15 01, 2015

2Chainz Pwns Nancy Grace Harder Than I’ve Ever Seen re: Marijuana Legalization

By |January 15th, 2015|stories|4 Comments

[1 single tear down face]
[drops mic]

14 01, 2015

DonkDown Radio Breaks Down Silk Road Case & Some Poker Musings

By |January 14th, 2015|cold call show, radio|0 Comments

MikeT came in and saved the day with up to date information on this day 2 of the Ross Ulbricht / Silk Road trial. A few other humans called in to discuss pokers. I played some ytcracker. Today was a good day.

8 01, 2015

If You Don’t Have Your Phantom Vision 2 Plus in NAZA Mode You Are Doing It Wrong

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So you broke down and dropped ~3.8 bitcions on a DJI Phantom Vision 2 plus. You know that as cool as it is, it could do just a bit more but some features are limited by DJI out of the box for whatever reasons. First off let’s realize it’s pretty early on in the drone game: This is easily the best explaination of what NAZA is and why it’s a no-brainier and very low risk to enable. Big ups to this guy for putting this together. I feel that NAZA mode is a much safer flying mode because it gives you more control of your drone:

The feature I most wanted to unlock was the “right-flick-switch-down return to home” feature. This would be useful if I can’t see my drone and I want it to come home. In NAZA mode your right switch is now your “just come back to me $1500 toy” switch. you can also set the height you would like it to come home at in the Phantom software.

In NAZA mode when both left and right switches are in the up position, your drone flies in “GPS mode” aka the out-of-the-box mode. Not until you hit a switch does something change, so there is little risk to enabling this and IMO they should come like this out of the box.

Also enabled once in NAZA mode is “attitude mode” where you turn the GPS off by flicking the right switch to the “middle” position. This removes the auto-GPS-stabilization feature that makes the DJI so easy to fly, but sometimes you want full control, you may want it to drift in the wind a bit, you may want to fly through something where you lose the GPS signal anyway so might as well be flying without it to get the feel before you go in… it’s interesting and you will have to play around in an open field with these before droning hard.

Note: The hardest part for me was understanding that “MC = the drone itself, not the controller” MC = “Master controller” which is of course confusing as fuck, so when you open the Phantom software (there is also a phantom “RC” software, for the actual controller) you connect the USB cable right to the drone itself in the little white-rubber covered port. Then on the upper-right of the Phantom software you see it say “Phantom” and instead click that and change it to “NAZA” and proudly click “OK” when it asks you if you are an expert baller drone flyer and it tries to tell you that you can’t handle the truth. Then you click around and set you S1’s and S2’s, I’ll have to jack that setup picture and drop it in here later, for science and whatnot.

8 01, 2015

Dromida Kodo Review: $60 Micro Quad Drone w/Shitty Camera & Does Flips

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Pretty kewl for $60 IMO:

6 01, 2015

Rio Drone

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Obv can’t stop flying this thing.