DonkDown BACK

Old school. That’s how I do shit.

DonkDown BACK after a few months of rest. This bitch needed a full overhaul and I’m happy to publicly blow Andrew for getting my shit tightened up. Many people asked me where the Daniel Negreanu Choice Center cult page went, and I sort of can’t believe how many people missed it enough to ask me personally this summer :)

Pro Tip: Don’t neglect your website for years, you WILL get internet-AIDS. Shout to the GNAA & YTCracker.

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Micon’s Bitcoin Rants and Raves For Today. DPB Joins too.

The show was about 2 hours long but I honestly don’t remember any of it. Seemed like a B+ effort thinking back on it, but outside of DBP coming on the show I don’t really remember much else. Yup, can’t even sum it up. I rarely listen to a show after doing it, and I really do think of it as a form of therapy, where by i “get it all out” to the internets and then I can sleep better type of shits. So go ahead and listen, download the file, whatever. The shits is free!

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Mt Gox DonkDown, DPB, Tennis Goes Pro in Sportsbetting & has 100% Crypto-to-Fiat Liferoll


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A DonkDown Radio I Forgot To Post Last Week

I don’t have a boss. No one reminded me because this podcast isn’t the most popular. Well now that I look at it some of you reminded me. But you are not my fucking boss. I don’t work for the man. I am my own man, I work for me and my family. Really I work for my wife. Ok, my wife is basically my boss. She didn’t remind me either. If I made her listen to ANOTHER hour of me droning on about bitcoin and shit it would border on marital abuse. So here is last week’s podcast, 1 week late. No clue what was discussed, not listening to it to find out. Not even gonna flip through it.

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Apple Shits on Bitcoin & Gank Beats The Rap

Turns out Apple is shitting all over bitcoin. Not only does it not allow any bitcoin apps of any sort in the store, it has removed the app after having it sit there for 2 years and get downloaded 100k times before Apple knew what the fuck it was. Also Gank calls the show and tells us how he beat the trumped up charges. Linkdump for Butterfly labs getting sued that I forgot to mention on the show and the Ars DPR 2.0 interview which is worth a read.

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1971 Poker Tournament Awards Banquet from Binions after WSOP

Shout to @davidkoenig for this not-that-racist-for-the-times WSOP gem!

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Jesus Christ is My Nigga!

Today’s radio involves me having on DPB, MikeT, and Mooky briefly while constantly referencing this youtube:

yup. Also Bet the superbowl with bitcoin at Bitbook.

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Is WhoJedi’s Sticky-Chopstick Tip Jar Theft Accusation Being Under-Reported in the Poker Media?

2014 journalism follows Jeopardy! rules in that you must always state your hypothesis in the form of a question. My first thought was to title this story “Damn! It looks like Jay Newmun did dat sticky-stick dirt!” but that doesn’t follow convention, and boy you fuckers love you some convention.

So here is an article reporting that a thread on two plus two states that Jay Newmun, our very own WhoJedi, was caught stealing poker tips from a jar with a sticky chopstick and a coat for cover.

Yes that’s right a sticky chopstick. I have a video coming soon where I will attempt to re-create the act. I feel at this time it’s best to theorize and pontificate wildly so we can come up with the most outrageous scenarios to define a range. It’s science, really.

There is a sub-story here, believe it or not. It appears Pokerfuse is the only “real” poker media site to report on this earth-shaking news of a chopstick-based theft. Only Pokerfuse? Somewhere in that giant 2+2 thread the nerds start to claim hipsterism of the poker media, maybe not a “cover-up” but certainly accusations of “no-report” are phrased differently many times. Apparently this lead to not only an argument on Jess Welman’s facebook where she BLOCKS ALLEN KESSLER FROM HER FEED, but also KEVMATH BLOCKING KESSLER ON TWITTER. Oh you heard me right: Kevmath blocked Kessler on twitter. I mean get your fucking popcorn out, call that fly shorty that just like to drink, put 1 in the air, watch movies and shit, and load up this latest epic dramabomb in online poker. I’ll be on the edge of my fucking seat, I promise.

Point is that it really looks like WhoJedi did that shit. With a fucking chopstick. And we all “sort of knew” him, but was anyone “really that close?” and of course those are bad definitions, so I improperly used quotes because fuck convention, and most of you know what I mean. I’ll bet Joe Navarro could dial it in better for us, and personally I’m hoping it’s a huge drug problem / I’m getting help / I’m really a nice guy instead of what may be an “I cannot afford Christmas materialism display time, might as well steal from the families of these fine card-pitchers” Either way I want to see the video of the chopsticking. FYI the @WhoJedi account has been silent since this broke. It appears Foxwoods has the video. Show us the fucking video.

Lol sticky-chopstick. RIP WhoJedi

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Daniel Peter Barron the AltCryptoationalist & Other Musings

Lolz there are so many altcoins. There is even, which will just brand your own altcoin and ship you the clients and you are ready to mine away and change the world. CoinyeWest, RonPaulCoin, and a host of others have invaded the space. 71 cryptos listed on In short, the shark is mid-jump. People are gonna get hurt. Stick to bitcoin. DPB thinks the world is ~6k years old and you and me will consta-fry in a pit of fire.

you know what else is fun? firing at the only bitcoin sportsbook that is Micon-approved,

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Keep in on my Voicemail, Voicemail…

Just your average show, take a little prescribed Valium for the airplane ride back from grammy and pops house, come home and rip a show. Menachum comes on and I zone out for a while and play SrslySirius. Solid effort IMO.

Fire on Bitbook, the bitcoin sportsbook I use personally

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