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21 08, 2014

Politics Are In Poker

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Robbie Strazynski wrote this article where he vilifies Olivier Busquet & Dan Coleman Pokerstars / EPT for wearing allowing “Save Gaza” & “Free Palestine” T-shirts to be worn by players during a televised EPT high roller. Check out the image PokerListings snapped:


Now, this could be a reaction to this:

where we once again have DN shooting his mouth off in his classic “I am smart. I have an opinion!” sort of way. Standard parrot of everything pro-Israel he was watching on the traditional media. Fair enough, the guy is a bit simple but hey, 300k+ twitter followers can’t be wrong – he’s a strong voice in poker. I think LivB and the newly minted “Silent But Deadly” Daniel Coleman think as I do, that Gaza is an atrocity and they wanted to voice as strong counter-point to DN.

Anyway so Robbie really didn’t like to see these brash pro-Gaza shirts:

And mentioned an exchange we had on the FaceSpace, where I pointed out that Religion and Politics are a big part of life, and life is often discussed at the poker table. There has been a long standing unwritten rule in poker that you don’t discuss religion or politics at the table. Like many long standing rules, this is a bad one. If you are going to make this rule, then let’s also group the blatant misogyny in there too, because if it makes me feel uncomfortable, imagine what it does to the women that play. The point is some guys are assholes, some are idiots, and they are all going to blast their mouth off at the poker table. There is no real civility to be expected in everyday poker table talk. Some are speaking solely to agitate you – how could topics be off limits? What will the rules be to enforce them? TDA rule on politics? How many times can you say “Obama” before it’s a 1-rounder? What if you just ordered “ice” and they thought you said “ISIS?”

I understand televised poker tournaments are different than your average $1-$2 NL cash game. Each promoter of said events can have their own rules regarding clothing, political statements on clothing, topics of discussion at the poker table, and every other aspect of player conduct. The NFL, NBA, and PGA are really poor models to follow in poker, because most poker is not televised. For the few prestigious events that are televised, players who have no sponsor like LivB & DCole are playing strictly for themselves. They have no affiliation to any brand or company to uphold, unlike the traditional professional sports. If a flag is OK, then do you allow the Palestinian flag even though they are not widely recognized and are only 141 square miles and basically totally dominated by Israel who controls their air, sea, 3/4 ground borders, & their power grid? What about the ISIS flag? Surely not that flag. North Korea? Slippery damn slope. Whoever is running the televised event makes the rules. Pokerstars decided these types of polarizing messages on shirts are -EV, so they banned them now:

Meh. Sure. Whatever. It’s their series, their call. Calling for a uniform rule? Meh, Whatever, maybe every venue and series will listen, maybe they won’t. Don’t really care. I think in general, humans should talk to each other about their world viewpoints. I think it helps us learn about each other, maybe question ourselves a little. I had a great conversation with Eli Elezra at Bellagio about a week ago, where he commented that we shouldn’t ever talk politics after reading my twitter feed. I said I thought just the opposite, I’d like to go to dinner and discuss anytime. We traded 10 minutes of civil discussion on the matter, and while I don’t think we are solving world issues, I think having civil conversations about it helps both sides to understand why the other feels so strongly. To make social constructs restricting this type of information exchange to me seems to the detriment of all. We are adults playing a slow gambling game that takes days to complete where they liberally serve alcohol – seems like a proper setting for politics and religion to be discussed. Headphones always and option.

20 08, 2014

DonkDown Radio BACK! W/Allen Kessler, Ray Davis, CryptoCayce, Menachum

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It’s good to be back. The Wednesday “Cold Call Show” will once again continue each and every Wednesday unless of course I lose interest and then it won’t happen. But for now, it’s going to happen. And we’re giving away .4 bitcoin on SealsWithClubs every time it does. And you can call 702-LOL-DONK to talk to me when it’s happening. I’m also going to start turning radio on randomly whenever I want to. I like that format as well, but you can always expect your Wednesday dose too. Tonight we had a show. Next week will be a show too. It’s time to go hard IMO. #WuTang.

20 08, 2014

“Officer Go Fuck Yourself Is Trying To Kill Me”

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IMO #OpFerguson is going well, continuously exposing the corrupt Ferguson police force. It seems like the police are intentionally trying to start riots: Detaining journalists, legal observers, pointing AR-15s at civilians… Shit, they even pointed a gun at a hip-hop legend, telling Talib Kweli they are going to blow his brains out if he doesn’t keep his hands up:

Can you imagine how many American cities would burn if the Ferguson police blew Talib Kweli’s brains out? Is there ever a reason for a cop to say that to a citizen engaged in protest? Who the fuck is running the show over there, and why is he still in power?

19 08, 2014

The “Ivey’s Wife Gets Gangbanged” Full Tilt Ad

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(This was “banned” or “un-aired”)

(But, like… we all can watch it… whenever we want)
1) How the fuck did they actually make this?
2) No seriously, who the fuck was in charge over there?
3) I can’t believe I wasn’t the first human in history to incorporate a gangbang into a poker commercial. I’m sure if I stay on as marketing director of SwC for long enough I will eventually do it, but damn, when I do… I’ll be 2nd.
4) There is no fucking way Phil Ivey is cool with this. Especially after the divorce.
5) I like watching gangbang porno and playing poker. I also have some experience marketing an online poker site. I think I stand well qualified to say that these two things don’t go together. At least not at Ivey’s expense. When I do it, it’s going to be classy :)

18 08, 2014

How To Watch The Ferguson Protests

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First off fuck the traditional media coverage, I simply don’t trust it anymore.  It’s important to consume so you see what the general public is seeing, but I’d like to see what’s really going on and judge for myself.  Livestreams & Twitter are my sources:

1)  Follow @Timcast, if his livestream is up, watch that.  Easily the best

2) Here is a random Ferguson livestream up right now, no guarantees when you click it

3) I found #2 by following @OpFerguson on twitter.  It’s an “Anon Op” – Watch “We Are Legion” to understand what that means.

4) I found #3 by following @YourAnonNews & @YourAnonLive  - they will both tweet new live streams as they start

5) Follow @AntonioFrench who is a local Alderman Vine-ing and Instagram-ing like a boss.

6) Real-time twitter search for “#OpFerguson” [start with option "all" not "top" as it defaults to]

7) Real-time twitter search for “#OpFerguson Livestream” & “#OpFerguson Live Stream”

15 08, 2014

My Response to Leah McGrath Goodman’s Poker Article

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How Washington Opened the Floodgates to Online Poker, Dealing Parents a Bad Hand

13 08, 2014

#OpFerguson #UpTheRebels

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Links to keep you up to date:  DO NOT GO TO THE .COM  [released the police scanner tapes below]

Reddit live feed



11 08, 2014

Homework: Watch “We Are Legion”

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This shit is important.  You need to get up to speed before “The Hacker Wars” comes out, and when my friends ask me if I’ve heard of “this Anonymous guy” named Hammond or Brown, it makes me want to shit bricks.  Start learning.  Start reading, googling and whatnot.  Then lets call get together and get some Second Life space ships with bombs and flags that say “faggery daggery doo” and start making some trouble in Barrett’s absence.  Then let’s get serious.

Trailer got you wet?  go ship the kids $5 via Paypal and watch “We Are Legion” right now from any device.  Yes, you have to pay via gaypal.  No, there is no bitcoin purchase option.  For all you kids that misuse the word “Irony” all the motherfucking time, when you pay $5 via Paypal to watch the movie about how evil Paypal is – that is fucking Irony.  In a Facebook battle (re: Gaza) the other week some dumb bitch said “Isn’t it ironic in the face of the middle east conflict, our presidents name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama?” No, that is not in any way irony Amanda, you stupid insufferable bitch.

30 07, 2014

DonkDown BACK

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Old school. That’s how I do shit.

DonkDown BACK after a few months of rest. This bitch needed a full overhaul and I’m happy to publicly blow Andrew for getting my shit tightened up. Many people asked me where the Daniel Negreanu Choice Center cult page went, and I sort of can’t believe how many people missed it enough to ask me personally this summer :)

Pro Tip: Don’t neglect your website for years, you WILL get internet-AIDS. Shout to the GNAA & YTCracker.

6 03, 2014

Micon’s Bitcoin Rants and Raves For Today. DPB Joins too.

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The show was about 2 hours long but I honestly don’t remember any of it. Seemed like a B+ effort thinking back on it, but outside of DBP coming on the show I don’t really remember much else. Yup, can’t even sum it up. I rarely listen to a show after doing it, and I really do think of it as a form of therapy, where by i “get it all out” to the internets and then I can sleep better type of shits. So go ahead and listen, download the file, whatever. The shits is free!