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2 09, 2014

Kristy Arnett On DonkDown Radio Tomorrow re: Choice Center

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Yesterday I read Kristy Arnett’s blog about her recent Choice Center experience.  As a #GoodScientist it is my job to challenge her musings as I hold evidence to the contrary.  To put it in words millennials can understand, “to use the parlance of our times” (which is an unfortunate regurgitation of our derivative culture)

I served her, then she served me back, and now it’s on:

See you around 7ish tomorrow Kristy.

le sigh.


1 09, 2014

Hal Finney Won the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Never heard of Hal Finney?  He will likely only be a footnote in crypto-history, but man, such an important one.  I won’t bore you with many of my words, as you no doubt see a shinny YouTube video begging your click, but instead read Hal’s own words about bitcoin.  He was “The courageous first follower” of the “lone nut” that was Satoshi:

He was also a “courageous first follower” to the lone nut that was Phil Zimmerman, and now we have PGP.  I didn’t know Hal personally, so I’m sure glad Andy Greenberg met with him last year to better paint the public picture of the man behind the man.  Oh, and because I inject humor into serious situations to dull the pain, on his way out Hal Finney definitely won the ALS ice bucket challenge.

30 08, 2014

Wow New Gambit Looks Sick!

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No bullshit, I don’t shamelessly post affiliate links to bitcoin gambling sites like Gambit unless they are really a cool site that I both trust and actually play on a regular basis.  Just now I logged in and found an awesome new interface complete with an additional game, some interesting version of OFC I’m about to fire on.  Bravo to the team over there – I’ll be blasting.

27 08, 2014

Multiple Newsweek Article Discussion + Bonus YTCracker, DPB, SpiteCheck & MrCuzamano

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Once in a while good ‘ole Micon needs to set some things straight. IMO it was the general anger after viewing the sensationalist cover picture that lead to few in the poker world properly understanding which entities Leah was vilifying in her Sad-Face Online Poker Kid article that I drew all over after seeing for the first time. Don’t worry, I break it all down for you guys then have OPReport Chris on the show to debate the twitter spat of a few days ago over the bitcoin poker Newsweek article. I snap off DPB for Nerdcore legend YTCracker and we reminisce about how we rocked the mic at Defcon over multiple venues. SpiteCheck & MrCuzamano call into the show as well. It’s almost NFL season. Shouldn’t you be firing bitcoin sports @ Nitrogen & fiat DFS at Draftkings? I know I sure as fuck am :)

27 08, 2014

Are The Haters Ready for DonkDown Radio Tonight?

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Yes, they are :)

7pm-ish PST Right here on DonkDown. See you then!

26 08, 2014

Well, It’s Tuesday The Week Before NFL Starts…

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And I just read that DraftKings completed a massive, absolutely astonishingly large $41M round of funding.  Well, if that’s not enough to heat your DFS-loving human blood I don’t know what will do it.  Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS entered my life a few years ago.  As I often do for gambling ventures, I form a team and we shove a bunch of data down a group-devised methodology, then start blasting.  If you don’t have a DraftKings account, by all means click this link and get in the game.  I’ll be firing hard on DK this NFL season.  The first week has $5M Guaranteed.  Holy shit that’s upping the DFS ante this year. There is some $27 event you can win $1M on week 5 – can you say “multiple lineups?” If you don’t bink early in the season, there is always the Week 15 $2.5M Guaranteed Go-To-PCA-Hotel contest & some chance on week 11 to win $1M. Damn DK – you got this degen’s attention. See you guys on DK this year!

25 08, 2014

What It Feels Like To Be A 16 Year Old Girl Living in Gaza Right Now

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Farah Baker is a 16 year old female from Gaza.  She is a frequent tweeter (@Farah_Gazan) and to me offers a very real look at what it’s like for a civilian to be living in Gaza right now.  Some of you may have seen her debate an Israeli teacher on this Sky News google hangout something whathaveyou video conference.  This is how her night is going:

Damn.  That hits me right in the feels.  Imagine if you rolled the “Where am I born?” dice and got that shitty roll of “Gaza Strip, sucka” and now you have twitter but instead of updating your chip counts or taking pictures of the decadent food you eat, you are most compelled at the age of 16 by the HUGE FUCKING BOMBS FALLING ALL AROUND YOUR HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and that of course would dominate my feed as well if it was happening to me.  IMO the traditional media is a biased ball of sensationalist advertainment.  Read more by real-time searching #GazaUnderAttack.


25 08, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

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24 08, 2014

Srsly? Even Rich Muny Now?

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The poker world simply didn’t read this article Leah McGrath Goodman wrote on sad-kid online gambling.  I know it’s long, Rich, but you are some sort of a lobbyist lobbying for Pokerstars and the greater good of poker, so you have to read the whole fucking thing.  At least pay a guy to read it and outline or something, but you need to consume the entire material before shooting your mouth off.

Which doesn’t appear to be Rich’s strong suit, as a quick google or check of my twitter timeline would have surely shown I didn’t fucking support Leah’s sad-boy-poker article.  I drew all over it and labeled it as “Wu-Tang News” because I’m fucking hilarious.

24 08, 2014

Responses to Newsweek’s Bitcoin Poker Article

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It looks like the recent Newsweek article about bitcoin poker featuring SealsWithClubs is eliciting some responses.  The often-attacked Leah McGrath Goodman has been all over my feed lately for her Satoshi article and for this Online Poker article that I responded hastily to.  More on that Wednesday for DonkDown radio.  Anywho, the article was posted and humans responded on twitter:

Lulz :) I do like seeing my name in print.  No doubt a genetic inheritance from my classically narcissistic mother.

Adam was insinuating that he likes this bitcoin poker article but thought her sad-face online poker article was paid propaganda:

Then this guy launches a salvo with this thinly veiled accusation:

Leading to this:

Because I know personally that neither me or SwC paid Leah or Newsweek and our interaction was entirely organic:

Do I have confirmation like on the blockchain?  no.  Would I bet $5k that she didn’t get paid off by Adelson to write the sad-kid online poker story?  yes.

Then Leah smacks the guy down:

So in summation:  twitter fights are stupid, twitter cards are awesome, SwC didn’t pay for the Newsweek article, haters are likely to continue hating, and I’ll try and set homeboy straight on Wednesday: